How to Prepare for  Mediation


Mediation is a process which requires you to negotiate.

Your aim is to negotiate the best possible outcome for yourself or any other person whose interests you are advocating for.

The outcome may not be your ideal, but should at least be a wise and sensible one for you to enter into, all things considered.

Sound preparation, like most things, is the key to achieving good outcomes.

Here are the basic preparatory questions you should consider before mediation commences.

  1. What ideally would I like to achieve?
  2. What realistically is the most favourable outcome I can expect to achieve?
  3. What is the least favourable outcome I could settle for?
  4. How should I best go about achieving a favourable outcome from the other party or parties?

Provided you are honest with yourself, there should be different answers to each of the first three questions.

The answer to the fourth question will amongst other things necessitate you standing in the shoes of the other party or parties in order to understand their viewpoint.

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You will not regret preparing thoroughly for mediation.