How to engage Nigel Dunlop as your mediator

Through an agency

I belong to a number of mediation panels which appoint mediators for the parties.

In these cases, the rules and requirements of the agencies apply.

Should you contact me in relation to one of these agency mediations I will pass on your name to the agency concerned with the indication that you wish me to be your mediator.


Should you be contemplating appointing me your mediator on a private basis, you should first contact me to discuss any queries that you have.

If you wish to proceed to appoint me your mediator, I require direct confirmation from the other party or parties that they too agree to my appointment.

They are also welcome to contact me with any queries they may have and to satisfy themselves that they want me to be their mediator.

Once I have the direct written confirmation of all the parties that I am to be appointed mediator I circulate a draft agreement to mediate. To that end I need to know:

  • The full names and contact particulars of the parties
  • The names and roles of the persons who it is intended be present at the mediation conference
  • The subject matter of the mediation, in one neutral sentence.
  • Whether you wish for me to secure the venue for the mediation or whether you have a particular venue in mind. If the parties are from different centres I need to know in which centre the mediation is to be held.

Once all the parties have signified their approval of the agreement to mediate, I then take charge of the process and advise the next required steps.

Sometimes the exact date and start time for the mediation have already been discussed and agreed before the draft agreement to mediate is circulated. If not, then I am likely to provide a series of possible dates for the mediation at the same time as I circulate the draft agreement to mediate.

See my: Standard agreement to mediate

The terms of this standard agreement to mediate are open to change. See: Fees