What I offer you

I am here to help. Your dispute is very important. It needs the best possible outcome. It is vital that you choose the right mediator. By choosing me, you will have the benefit of proven expertise, experience, commitment and professionalism. My track record is highly successful. Check out the site. Contact me on a no obligation basis. Give me a ring. Send me a message. I would like to assist.

My mediation expertise

Here are some important things that you need to know about me:

  • Highly trained
  • Highly experienced
  • Proven track record
  • Membership of professional bodies
  • Sound character and good reputation
  • Fair and affordable fees
  • Do most types of mediation including Family Dispute Resolution and retirement village/elderly persons mediation.

For more information on any of these points, you can look at:

Family Dispute Resolution

Types of mediation undertaken by Nigel Dunlop

Nigel Dunlop's settlement rate

Nigel Dunlop's mediation experience

Nigel Dunlop's mediation training

Mediation and negotiation workshops and seminars conducted by Nigel Dunlop

Nigel Dunlop's professional memberships

Nigel Dunlop's reputation

Nigel Dunlop's fees

What About Facilitation?

Sometimes what I have to offer may be described as facilitation rather than mediation. Facilitation is akin to convening or chairing a dialogue between parties, especially multiple parties, whereas mediation generally relates to negotiation between parties.

For the sake of simplicity I refer to myself as a mediator even although at times I work more as a facilitator.

For more information see:

What is the difference between mediation and facilitation?

Do I Mediate Outside Nelson?

I am a Nelson mediator, but also mediate throughout New Zealand, and overseas.

Although my mediating outside Nelson gives rise to travel expense, I am at times willing to absorb that expense.


I mediate either with, or without the involvement of lawyers.

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Fair and Affordable Fees

Nigel Dunlop's fees

Standard Agreement to Mediate

My standard agreement to mediate sets out some basic terms and conditions which can be modified as required:

Standard agreement to mediate

What Should You Do Now?

Contact me if:

  • You are still considering whether to engage me as your mediator and want more information.
  • You have decided to engage me and want to know what to do next.

And you could take a look at:

How to engage Nigel Dunlop as your mediator

Preparing for mediation

You can phone me for a chat at any time. But I do suggest that you look at:

How you should prepare for successful mediation