Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) is part of the new family justice system which commenced on 31 March 2014.

Information about the family justice system can be found at 

FDR is a specialist form of mediation. It applies only to parenting and guardianship disputes. It does not apply to domestic violence or relationship property disputes, nor to care and protection (CYFS) matters.

Parties are not permitted to file applications in the Family Court  for parenting or guardianship orders without first having undertaken parenting education and family dispute resolution.

There are however important exceptions to this general rule. Those exceptions include cases involving particular urgency and those involving domestic violence. 


I can assist whether or not you or the other party  is eligible for Government funding.

If you are eligible for Government funding the mediation will cost you nothing.

If you are not eligible but the other party is, it will cost you $448.50, which is the standard fee fixed by the Government.

To find out whether or not you are eligible for Government funding go to  and use the funding eligibility tool.

If you think that either you or the other party is eligible for Government funding, contact me and I will explain what you need to do to get the process under way.

If you think that neither you nor the other party is eligible for Government funding, contact me on a no obligation basis. I will discuss my services and fees with you, and explain the required steps in the process.