Adjudication / Arbitration

Retirement Village Disputes

I am a person approved by the Retirement Commissioner under section 58 of the Retirement Villages Act 2003 to be appointed as a disputes panelist to adjudicate on disputes between retirement village operators and residents, or between residents.

For detail about this specialist area see:

Retirement village disputes


Adjudication is a quasi-judicial process involving a formal hearing to resolve an application, allegation or dispute, following which a finding is made by the adjudicator as to the facts and a ruling made as to the legal consequences resulting from the finding.

My qualifications and experience as an adjudicator

I was a court lawyer for 30 years and so am well versed with judicial procedures.

I have for a period of more than 20 years adjudicated mental health, international education, retirement village and professional applications, complaints and disputes.

This work has been undertaken as a result of appointments by successive Ministers of Health, Secretaries of Education, the Retirement Commissioner, the Law Society and the Arbitrators and Mediators Institute of NZ.

For examples of decisions written by me see:

If any of these links to external websites are broken, I am happy to provide files of such publicly issued decisions on request.

Personal qualities

Amongst other things, I bring the following personal qualities to bear in my work as an adjudicator:

  • Sound judgement and commonsense
  • Attention to accuracy and detail
  • Integrity and fairness
  • Adherence to deadlines
  • Good communication skills

Ways I can assist

I am available to be appointed to statutory or non-statutory bodies, for one-off or ongoing adjudications.

Once such example is the conduct of disciplinary hearings, whether in the workplace or for not for profit organisations.

Do I adjudicate outside Nelson?

Yes, I work throughout NZ.


See Fees


Qualifications and experience

Much of what I have said above in relation to adjudication applies to arbitration as well.

In general terms, I have a high level of legal, investigation and adjudication experience. My high level of experience as mediator is evidence of my personal skills.

My specific arbitration experience has related to contractual rights and obligations in the areas of commercial leases and tenancies, and sales.

What distinguishes me from other arbitrators?

  • My unique blend of legal, adjudication, investigation, mediation and arbitration experience, which impacts positively on the way in which I conduct arbitrations and reach sound conclusions
  • My favourable fees (see Fees)
  • My availability, expeditiousness, and prompt delivery of awards.