It is important to me that my fees and expenses are fair and affordable.

Where there are externally prescribed rates, those prescribed rates apply.

Otherwise my standard hourly fee is $350 +GST. This standard fee does not apply to Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) for which special rates apply.

This standard fee however can be adjusted, sometimes substantially, to suit particular circumstances. It would disappoint me if considerations of cost prevented my being engaged.

For my mediation work especially, I am agreeable to a fixed fee or a capped maximum fee. My standard half day mediation rate is $1750 + GST and my standard whole day rate is $3,500 + GST.

Whether I am acting as a mediator, investigator, adjudicator or arbitrator, it is useful to compare the costs of engaging me with the cost of court litigation.

The fees I charge should reflect the following criteria:

  • My expertise and experience
  • The level of complexity, difficulty, seriousness, novelty,importance and urgency of the case at hand, and if applicable, the value of property involved
  • The identity and financial means of the payer
  • My standard fee
  • Prevailing market rates
  • The public interest




If undertaking work out of Wellington, I may be prepared to disregard travel costs.

I welcome frank discussion about fees and expenses.

On occasions I am prepared to undertake work on a pro bono basis.

The second schedule of my standard agreement to mediate contains standard charging terms: Standard agreement to mediate